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Scandic chose Lingio because their platform creates great value for our employees - and thus also for our business. Lingio is also fun and easy to work with – they help us succeed, and we have a genuine partnership.

Pia Nilsson Hornay
– Pia Nilsson Hornay
HR Manager, Scandic Hotels

I’m very happy that these courses have become a reality. It’s something that we’ve been asking for from Lingio for a long time. 

Villa Dalénum is a multicultural workplace with employees from all corners of the world. Many of our employees come directly from nursing education, and we’re their first place of work as assistant nurses. That alone is a challenge, and it’s extremely valuable to be able to use Lingio to improve their language skills.

– Heidi Heino
Operations Manager, Vardaga

Lingio’s language app is easily accessible and requires no user accounts or special online skills. You can also choose to learn the language of the country where you’re working with the help of your native language. 

The combination of pedagogy and gamification is a strength that many find entertaining. At Kista Jobbtorg, for example, we have a woman studying for a bus driver's license. In that training, she feels she benefited greatly from Lingio's language course for bus drivers.

Group 1271
– Sara Friberg
Deputy Unit Manager, Kista Jobbtorg, Stockholm City

We are proud to be a workplace where many non-native people start their careers in Sweden. Therefore, we want to be an employer that allows committed people to learn about the Swedish labour market. The fact that we can offer language teaching is a great opportunity that increases the status both of our employees, who become more employable, and of us as a company as more people apply to Hemfrid.

Group 1269
– Sofia Lindgren
Education manager, Hemfrid

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World leader in facility management ISS joins forces with Lingio to boost employee integration

ISS, a world leader in workplace experience and facility management and a major employer in Sweden, is launching a new partnership with Lingio, an innovative training platform for professional language and skills development.

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Training 7000 Bus Drivers: How Nobina Transformed Its Staff Handbook into 
Gamified Mobile Courses

Nobina, the Nordic region’s largest public transport operator, has over 13,000 employees spread across four countries - that’s a lot of staff to train.

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Scandic solves its skills shortage with Lingio

There is a huge staff shortage in the hospitality industry. Scandic opted to partner with Lingio in order to broaden its recruiting base and solve the skills shortage in the industry.

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How Lingio's Mobile-Based Courses Helped Caregivers at Ambea Learn Swedish

Ambea has improved the Swedish skills at some of its care homes with Lingio's Swedish courses for care professionals. Ambea is very satisfied with the results, for example the employees have improved their record-keeping.

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94% Recommend Lingio’s Professional Swedish Courses

Thanks to Lingio's industry-specific courses in Swedish, many foreign language speakers have had the opportunity to develop their skills and enter the Swedish labor market.

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How commercial cleaners Hassan and Azra boosted their skills with Lingio

Hassan Omar Hussein estimates that he’s learned about 80 percent of the Swedish he knows using Lingio’s learning app. 

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Why Forefront chose Lingio for industry-specific training

At work, language misunderstandings can lead to conflicts and incorrectly performed tasks. In some cases, it can even lead to dangerous situations. That’s why here at Lingio, we wanted to bridge the gap between labour integration and skills learning.

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Accelerate teacher-led training with Lingio’s digital courses for 4X faster results

It may be surprising that online learning courses can enhance in-person, teacher-led training to such a great extent. But here at Lingio, our digital courses have been proven to accelerate results by 4X compared to teacher-led training alone.

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Hemfrid solves cleaning industry staff shortage

In partnership with the Municipal Workers' Union and ESF, Hemfrid offers its employees Lingio courses in vocational Swedish. This enables Hemfrid to boost its employees in the labor market and attract talented jobseekers.


The City of Stockholm connects people with jobs

A job-matching service provides extra support in finding a job and becoming self-sufficient to people who are far from the labor market. Since spring 2021, Lingio has been available at all job matching services in the City of Stockholm.


TalangAkademin combines internships with Lingio

The Lingio language app supplements current labor market initiatives and supports talent during internship. Via the Coaching Portal, TalangAkademin can follow the progress of participants and encourage them effectively. After her internship, Gladolia got a job at Coop thanks to Lingio.


Jobbentrén connects talent with jobs using Lingio

Every newly arrived talent who finds employment through Jobbentrén does a Lingio course, partly to speed up their language learning in general, but also to learn profession-specific Swedish. Jobbentrén and its employer partners are very satisfied with Lingio.


The CTE bolsters transport companies with Lingio

The Confederation of Transport Enterprises has been granted funds from the European Social Fund to enable its member associations to offset the financial impacts of the COVID pandemic by developing the skills of the employees.