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Vocational Swedish for labor market initiatives

Combat segregation and get more people working! 80% of Sweden’s hiring managers consider language to be the key to employment. Build bridges in Sweden’s labor market with Lingio’s digital courses in vocational Swedish for 25 professions.

Satisfied labor market customers

Language solutions that build bridges to employment


Get more people working

Lingio’s industry-validated courses in vocational Swedish are a fast track to employment. A workplace is a fantastic environment for learning the language, which is why we gladly offer our courses for ongoing internships.


Meet the linguistic challenge

Tailor-made courses in vocational Swedish for specific professions enhance efficiency throughout an organization. Linguistic misunderstandings are minimized, while trust and satisfaction increases among customers, employees and employers.


Reduce income support costs

With the Coaching Portal, you can monitor participant development and direct your efforts effectively. 12 times as many Lingio participants achieve their course objectives compared to participants in similar language courses. Lingio is the fastest way to get more people working.

Language is the biggest obstacle to employment

80 percent of Sweden’s hiring managers consider a lack of language skills to be the biggest obstacle to hiring non-natives. 4 out of 5 also think that tackling the language issue is a major challenge. This is why Lingio is helping Swedish employers and municipalities to resolve this issue so that employers can hire.

With Lingio’s digital language courses, participants learn profession-specific Swedish easily and effectively. Thanks to smart AI and gamified exercises, they achieve results that are 12 times better than participants at equivalent education providers.


of the country’s hiring managers consider language to be an obstacle to employment

Scalable human-centric integration

Make a difference together!

According to the Public Employment Service, the employment rate for non-native Swedes is expected to drop to its lowest level this century. We need to act immediately to combat the segregation.

The Lingio team is made up of former SFI and vocational Swedish teachers, copywriters and journalists. A dedicated customer success manager continuously supports course launches and follow-up. Course participants have their own digital language coach and the Coaching Portal enables full visibility into their linguistic development. Making a difference in the labor market has never been easier.

Stockholm City is connecting people to work with Lingio

- The language app is very accessible and doesn’t require a user account or digital skills. You can also opt to learn Swedish with the support of your native language. The combination of teaching and gaming is a winning concept and many people find it entertaining. For example, at Kista Jobbtorg there’s a woman who’s taken a bus driver’s license and feels that she benefited greatly from Lingio’s language course for bus drivers during the bus driver training.

– Sara Friberg
Deputy Unit Manager at Kista Jobbtorg, City of Stockholm

Solutions that provide a fast
track to employment


Vocational language learning

Lingio courses in Swedish for 25 professions ensure the right language skills in existing and new employees.


Developed with industry experts from the Association of Private Care Providers, the Confederation of Transport Enterprises, the Construction Federation, TechSverige, etc


Language exercises inspired by everyday workplace situations.


We currently offer vocational Swedish for health and social care, the labor market, child care, transport, construction and many more. See all our courses.

E-learning + translation support = full understanding

Lingio’s powerful e-learning tool with translation support enables effective communication with your workforce.


Quality-assured translations of course content.


Interactive translation module and educational methods adapted to the target group.


Works 24/7 on all mobiles, computers and tablets.

A Coaching Portal accelerates the results

With full visibility into the language development of your participants, you can target your efforts effectively to achieve your organization’s language objectives.


Support during course launch and continuous follow-up.


Send automatic language exercises via Lingio's AI coach.


Measurable quantitative and qualitative outcomes.

Smart AI tools that facilitate learning and pronunciation

In collaboration with leading Swedish universities, Lingio has developed AI tools that enable our course participants to perform 12 times better on average than participants in similar educational courses.


Lingio’s pronunciation feature helps our users to train pronunciation with individualized feedback.


Smart camera that translates objects and texts into words in over 80 languages.


Translation module that outperforms the industry in vocational words and phrases.

A dedicated customer success manager

Our customer success managers assist you with planning, launch, and follow-up of the participants to ensure that your needs and goals are fulfilled.


Needs analysis to help you achieve your goals.


Regular follow-ups at your convenience.


Reporting of participant language development.

Certificate in Swedish that lifts participants in the labor market

Participants that achieve the course objectives receive an individual certificate in vocational Swedish.


Our vocational Swedish courses have been validated by experts from each industry.


The certificate is proof of participant language skills and builds bridges in the labor market.


Based on the CEFR standard, the certificate verifies the language level achieved.

Accessible to everyone – 24/7

Lingio’s tools are adapted to all educational levels to ensure inclusivity.


Easy to get started via a text message link sent to the participant.


24/7 access to Lingio’s language app and tools.


Full support for WCAG 2.1 Level AA.

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